By faith, Our ‘Cup Of Porridge’ Program Has Prepared a Mega Christmas Dinner For Over 4000 And More Ugandan Children Including Other Gifts Like Free King James Bibles.

GOOD CHILD MISSIONS By faith, Our ‘Cup Of Porridge’ Program Has Prepared a Mega Christmas Dinner For Over 4000 And More Ugandan Children Including Other Gifts Like Free King James Bibles.

On the 23rd December 2022, we are taking another step of faith to feed over 4000 (and plus) Ugandan children plus giving them others gifts like free King James bibles and clothes.

Way back in July 2022 God placed on my heart to begin feeding a cup of porridge to children who go to church with empty bellies, I prayed about it and the Lord showed me to talk to my Pastor ‘Geoffrey Scott Grider‘ about it. When I Spoke to him about it, he liked it and he joined me in prayer, Later on the Lord showed him to sponsor the whole cup of porridge program with the help of all the NTEB family and they did that right a way. Since August 1st Good Child Missions has been able to feed over 1500 children with a cup of porridge every Sunday when they go to Church. This has highly improved the attendance rate of children at Church every Sunday.

Now we saw that, a cup of porridge won’t be enough on Christmas since Christmas in African is believed as a day when everybody eats a good meal and put on a good dress to go to church to pray. We are taking a massive step of faith to feed about 4000 children this Christmas. I know this is gonna cost us a lot of money to have it done but like Apostle Paul, Non of that moves me as long as I complete my course of preaching the gospel of the grace of God and win souls to my salvation boat.

We not only gonna serve food, but as well as gifts like free King James Holy Bibles, Clothes and more eats. Before that day, in the evening of 22nd December, we gonna have a two hours Christian movie show about the Life of Jesus Christ and that is non other than the Passion Of Jesus Christ. After the movie, we gonna have a short time gospel preached and Close for that night.

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.” Acts 16:9 (KJB)

It is our habit as a Christian organization to reach out to the poor every Christmas and remind them how important they are in the sight of God and how he gave his Son Jesus Christ to die for their sins.

Irad Biryomumesho

Check out how we do it on Christmas.

Children and mothers given Christmas food.
Children with Gifts of Scholastic materials

At GCM we support Children with the goal of raising them in a way of fearing and loving God. Its our prayer and wish that when they grow up, they get to do the same ministry of having something done for the Lord Jesus Christ. So consider joining the other fellow brethren who are partnering with us to see the gospel of the grace of God go out to the lost souls.

But whatever you do, don’t do nothing. Time is short and we need your help right now. The Lord has given us an open door with a tremendous ‘course’ for us to fulfill that will create an excellent experience at the Judgement Seat of Christ. Please pray for our efforts, and if the Lord put on your heart to donate, be as generous as possible. The war is REAL, the harvest is PLENTY, the battle HOT and the time is SHORTTO THE FIGHT!!!

“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;” Titus 2:13 (KJB)

“Thank you very much!” – Irad, editor-in-chief, GCM

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