Good Child Missions is not only a Charity organization but a well balanced biblical, management and technological solution for the agricultural domain, to equip the poor to come out of poverty, with what God has put in their hands and to reveal the fullness of His promised abundant life. The Word of God says “My people perish because of lack of knowledge.‟ We must acknowledge the importance of teaching the poor faithfulness in the agricultural domain before the rest of the continent’s potential can be revealed. Good Child Missions Agro Project (GCMAP) is a program under GCM aimed at growing crops and keeping animals for the purpose of producing enough food for our project children and poor mothers in the communities we serve in Uganda. Making more money to help meet the needs of this organization (in addition to the donations from our generous friends around the world) and the basic needs of our organization children and to provide demo farms for the many Ugandans that like to make model farming. Below are the images of our sample gardens.

At Good Child Missions we train people on how to do agriculture in a way that never pollutes the environment or destroys God’s creation because God is the first farmer and we ought to learn from him, for example God does not do ploughing yet he makes crops to grow very beautiful.

GCM Children at a demo garden being trained on how to be best farmers of their future (Week one)
GCM beans demo after two weeks
GCM beans demo after four week

This way of farming has helped on improving food security, adapting to climate change, and restoring soil productivity for resource-poor farming households to the few who have tried this very farming method. As Good Child Missions, this way of farming has helped us to grow food that we give to those who cannot afford buying land and to those who have land we have taught how to do it and as we speak, hunger is being reduced in some families here.

A sample Picture of people Being given GCM food. Some of these foods like Bananas were bought but all the vegetables were from our gardens.

Food Security

Food security is understood here in terms of four pillars endorsed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO 2008): availability (supply of food), access (affordability of preferred food), utilization (safe, nutritious food), and stability (ability to obtain food over time). Achieving all four pillars concurrently is necessary for a food secure household. Food security is characterized by food availability during post-harvest periods from January to February and again from June to August. Households are most prone to food insecurity from October to December due to a prolonged dry spell. In general, program managers and farmers concur that GCM increased yields and thus improved food security for the household although this is not without some challenges.

Irad Biryomumesho CEO of GCM Pausing at one of the demo gardens.

It is better to send money for land than for a bag of rice or maize flour because those things have been taking money out of flow for a very long time yet people stay poor because they eat, finish and keep wanting but if food is grown on your own gardens, and you give food from your own farms, food would never be over again because you keep growing and teach people how to do it the same way you do it. In addition you get to make money to buy shoes, books, pens etc. for those children who walk to school without shoes, uniform or fees for example when you sell eggs from your farm.

Chris Smith

Praise Report. We are getting more responses from people with this same thought, they believe like Chris, that it is much better to teach a person how to fish than giving them fish daily fish.

Support this program so that we can get our own land where to have more food to give to those who cannot afford buying land and to have enough space where to carry the trainings. We for now hire small portions of land where we put our demo gardens. Be generous as you give. Thank you for supporting and praying for us.

"The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself." Proverbs 11:25 (KJB)

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