At Good Child Missions Agro Project, we not only do farming but keeping animals as well of different kinds. We keep these animals in order to live an exemplary life to the people and communities that we serve. Of the different children that we have at GCM and other more that the Lord will give us, we find that every child has their favorite animal that they like, for example, some prefer birds and others like cattle etc. So we keep these different types of animals in order to balance these children according to their likes. We train a child from the time when we register them on how to keep and love animals, how to feed them and how to befriend these animals if they want to make good money from them.

We so far have not had a lot of animals because our land is still small but we hope that through you and I by God’s grace we shall get enough land where to do these practices. An hectare of land in Uganda is currently worth $5088.20. You can think about donating to us so that we can have enough land so that we get to expand our practices hence save more children and mothers from hunger.

GCMAP Start up animal

We give a start up animal to our registered child because their sponsors pay for that and they highly support it. We give them animals of their choices and we allow them to take them to their respective homes so that by the additional guidance of their guardians/parents they can apply the skills that we teach them at our study centers or places where we gather them always to meet them and teach them. Children that have already received these animals sure show a promising sign that this method is working. Sample images are shown below. The second image below is Little Nahurira Innocent’s (one of our sponsored children) hen that we gave him and hatched 6 chicks, these will be taken back to the GCMAP farm (becuase it was the first hatching) and the next hatching remains to Innocent plus the mother hen. Then the ones that we take back to the farm are give to other children and the process continues.

We go on to Monitor these Children to see how they are doing with their animals and we continue to teach them how to keep them healthy so that they can reproduce, multiply and multiply. The First born of each child’s animal is taken back to the organization farm and given to another child because children are many and we find it hard to have animals to give each child. So the process continues.

The rest of the animals that we keep at our farms, we sell a few when need comes for example, we sell eggs from our poultry farm to get money to help the children who have long waited for sponsors, we get them shoes, school materials and school fees as they wait for a sponsor

Animals Kept at our farm so far are; Cows, goats, Rabbits, pigs, sheep, chicken (layers, broilers, coilers and African type chicken), turkeys and darks. As shown in the images below. Note! Some animals are not shown in the pictures due to some reasons e.g Pigs and Darks but we do have them at our farm and we love them. We have not yet grown to having bigger farms and many animals in number because we are still growing but we believe that God will fund us and we shall grow bigger, just keep us in prayers and support us.

Our goal is to stop poverty in the communities of Uganda that we serve and to rise villages so that everyone gets what to do and make some money to help them and their families.


One of our donors once stated that;

It is better to send money for land than for a bag of rice or maize flour because those things have been taking money out of flow for a very long time yet people stay poor because they eat, finish and keep wanting but if food is grown on your own garden as the Organization, and you give food from your own farms, food would never be over again because you keep growing and teach people how to do it the same way as you do. In addition you get to make money to buy shoes, books, pens etc. for those children who walk to school without shoes, uniform or fees for example when you sell eggs from your farm.

 Chris Smith

We know that there are other people who would support Mr. Smith’s view and they believe that its better to train a person how to fish than giving them fish every day. kindly support us so that we can expand our farms in order to have more land where to carry the trainings and keep more animals to help our organization and feed the hungry who have little land to grow crops or keep animals. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.



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