How we started 

how we started at Uganda Childrens choir

Good Child Missions started in 2019 by Biryomumesho Irad when he received a dream of raising his community in which he lived. He realized that his community was suffering from luck of what to do, unemployment, poverty, lawlessness, poor feeding poor education and other many problems. 

Irad thought that if he could help the young generation to acquire education he could help his community to develop and other neighboring communities. He began GCM organization which through it he began reaching well wishers from different walks of life and beseeching them to support him sponsor his little children that he had began with  and through it he continued chasing his dream up to date.

GCM has been able to grow and  currently  has a number of 400 Registered children whom some are already being sponsored and others still waiting on the Lord to provide sponsors.