Good Child Missions

Good Child Missions-GCM is a Non Governmental Organization Based in Kanungu District Uganda, GCM aims at Helping raise God fearing and responsible Children, helping the poorest of the poor Children and women in the world. GCM helps the Poorest children to access free education through their sponsorship program, provides child basic needs and other services as needed by a child. We train a child to grow and a godly way.

GCM was started by Biryomumesho Irad  in 2019 as his dream to raise his community and other communities around him. Irad Biryomumesho is a resident of Nyakatooma, Kihanda, Kinkiizi, Kanungu district Uganda in the East of Africa. He is Married to Natukunda Elizabeth. Irad is a LOVER of children, dogs, cats, Music, and A born again Christian. He often calls himself a little child in a big body. 

At GCM We as well help the poor mothers e.g the pregnant to have a safe child birth. For example providing the required balanced diet, basic needs and other necessary needs Like Pads for those in their MP

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